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Proclaiming the Sovereignty of God

Sunday Worship Services

Our Worship

Our congregation is blended from people who have been raised in the Reformed church and people who newly discovered the doctrines of grace. And it is with this zeal that we worship and praise our Lord.

The worship of God is the highest and noblest act of the human soul. It is essential to spiritual life and growth, and should be regularly and thoughtfully performed.

As a congregation, we gather together on Sunday, the Christian Sabbath. Throughout Biblical history, the Sabbath day was seen as a rest from our daily work in order that we might worship and enjoy our Creator. Through the resurrection of Christ on the first day of the week, God has given the Sabbath day as a gift of rest to His people.

What to Expect

We as a congregation seek to worship God according to His direction in the Bible. We are convinced that Biblical worship includes the following:

  • Thanksgivings in prayer, offerings, and singing.
  • Singing the Word by using the “hymn book” of the Bible (The Book of Psalms set to music).
  • The hearing, reading, and preaching of texts of God’s Holy Word.
  • The faithful administration of the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

We pray that you will be encouraged by worshiping with us. Please download a sample bulletin here.